Manhood Academy: Curriculum Modules:Earth | Fire | Water | Air

Earth Cycle Module

Fire Cycle Module

Water Cycle Module

Air Cycle Module


Grounding in identity, self esteem, Core Values, School discipline & healthy routines, holistic health & nutrition, agriculture & sustainability (in nature & self), hygiene and family responsibility.

This module ensures that our youth have a strong solid foundation.

Fire Cycle Module

Identifying feelings, Emotional intelligence, sound & movement, self defence, creative verbal & written expression, early trauma & redirection, Letter to my father.

This module explores the emotion of fire: Anger (Negative) Passion for life (Positive) and encouraging them to channel the force of fire in the right direction.

Water Cycle Module

Mindfulness, meditation, calmness, positive thinking, Self regulation and resilience.

This modules encourages resilience so our youth are self-aware of coping with their environment, behavioural strategies & emotional self-regulation.

Air Cycle Module:

Entrepreneurship & enterprise, Future goals, Positive attitude, Self Belief, Critical thinking, Leadership & Economics.

This modules ensures that our youth are mentally ready and focused on creating a vision of their future goals.

Urban Rites of Passage Programs for:

Pre-teen boys: 8-12 Years Old: 6 Week Modules: Continuous Rolling Programme

Teenage boys:13-19 Years Old: Pre-Register interest

Teenage & pre-teen girls: Pre-Register interest